Dam: SocalPresa Tsavo | Height: 26.5″ Withers | Weight: 126lbs. | Color: Reverse Brindle

SocalPresa Tsavo is the ideal female working presa canario. This girl has a high prey drive and is a full & fantastic family protector. As with our other retired females, she stands at the optimal 26.5 inches at the withers which is a slight .5 inches taller than our other famous female presa canario’s. Tsavo will produce stunning puppies which will contain the black brindle & reverse brindle XXL version of the presa canario line we breed.

She is an alluring reverse brindle Presa Canario that captivates the eye upon looking at her. Her coat is camouflaged against the warm desert behind her as she gives you the death stare. One of her hobbies is to prey upon animals that haunt her territory in the yard such as rabbits. She is devoted to her family and routinely patrols the yard to  make sure it is safe from predators. She enjoys playing fetch and is extremely agile on her feet. She goes on long walks and runs with her human mom and enjoys sun bathing afterwards. Overall, she is a life long companion that her family loves and adores dearly.