Dam: “Tigra” | Height: 25″ Withers | Weight: 109lbs. | Color: Reverse Brindle
Parents: Taz x Negra

Tigra is a stunning example of the Presa Canario breed, boasting a striking reverse brindle coat that captures the eye with its unique swirls of color. As a female of the breed, she carries herself with an imposing presence, yet her eyes reflect a deep, nurturing soul.

Tigra is the epitome of the guardian spirit inherent to the Presa Canario. She is fiercely protective and always alert, making her an excellent watchdog for her family. Despite her robust and vigilant nature, Tigra has a loving and gentle heart towards her family. She forms strong, unbreakable bonds with her loved ones, offering affection and loyalty in abundance.

Family Life:
In the family environment, Tigra is both a protector and a companion. She thrives on interaction and loves being involved in family activities. Her protective instinct means she is always watching over her household, ensuring everyone’s safety. However, she balances this beautifully with her loving nature, often seeking out cuddles and offering comforting nuzzles to her family members.

Training and Socialization:
Tigra has been raised to understand her strength and size, ensuring she is well-mannered and obedient. Early socialization has made her confident and calm in various situations, allowing her to distinguish between normal interactions and potential threats. She responds well to a confident handler who leads with firmness and love.

As a Presa Canario, Tigra is robust and healthy, reflecting the breed’s characteristic physical resilience. She has been bred from a line known for its health and vitality, ensuring she has a strong foundation for a long, happy life.

In summary, Tigra is not just a pet; she’s a devoted family member, a vigilant guardian, and a loving companion. Her reverse brindle coat is as unique as her personality – strong, protective, yet full of love and tenderness for her family. With Tigra, you don’t just bring home a dog; you welcome a new, loyal member to your family circle.