Frequently Asked Questions

Puppy Questions

Puppies are only reserved by following the directions on the PUPPY RESERVE page as we do not reserve our puppies without a full commitment from our clients. Refunds are not available for deposits for this reason, but are transferable to future litters if an issue arises.

Our Presa Canario Puppies will vary in price and will be listed on that particular puppies page or litter. Flight costs are additional if required and can be included in the total cost. This will be specified on that litter page information.

The remaining balance for your puppy is due in person upon receipt, or 3 weeks before shipping if your Presa Canario puppy is being flown out to you. This way we can keep flight costs low, and ensure our schedule.

Our reservation page for each litter will specify if we are cropping ears or not. Clients can request their puppies ears to not be cropped as well, and will have to be picked up, or shipped before the rest of their siblings will have the surgery.

General Questions

Our breeding program focuses on maintaining the health, temperament, and integrity of the breed, adhering to breed standards, and improving specific traits through careful selection.

We conduct comprehensive health screenings, including genetic testing, to ensure that our breeding dogs are free from hereditary diseases and meet all health standards for the breed.

Puppies are exposed to various environments, people, and other animals to ensure proper socialization. We also provide foundational training and support to new owners in continuing this training.

We do not allow casual visits to our home or our partners home for the security of the residence and the healthcare of the puppies. A plethora of random people coming over can bring parvovirus which would put your pup, and everyone else’s pup in jeopardy.

Breeding Questions

We do not sell our bloodline semen or allow for studding.

Please check out partnership page as our bloodline has been created for almost 20 years, and we do not wish for folks to do their own program based on our work.

Our contract forbids out clients from breeding our dogs. If you wish to enter into a partnership with us, you must notify us before they are ready so we can prepare correctly for the time frame.

Our clients are automatically available for a partnership. External presa canario bloodline must be evaluated for their mental, health and physical attributes before consideration to our breeding program. Male presa owners will be given a stud fee and female owners will be given a even split of the proceeds from the litter.