Stud: SoCalPresa Tardy | Height: 23″ Withers | Weight: 115lbs. | Color: Black Brindle

A high drive, perfect conformation, coat, gate, eyes and structure. The magnificence of this brindle Presa Canario male is second to none and is the picture perfect example of what was expected from this breed.

This male is the absolute original standard for the Presa Canario and the cornerstone of SoCalPresa. One of the original warlords, SoCalPresa Tardy was the estate guardian for a reputable veterinarian female and sole job was keep the premises clear from intruders in the human form. This guy is a gentle beast to smaller dogs, puppies, cats and is overall animal friendly. He was trained for obediance and protection early in his life, and is the ultimate guardian for his loving dog mom.

Behold the legend, SoCalPresa Bonelli Badboy Tardy