Mission Statement

At SoCalPresa, our mission is to honor and preserve the integrity of the Presa Canario breed through ethical and responsible breeding practices. Since 2005, we have been committed to understanding and nurturing the unique mental and physical attributes that define this remarkable breed. Our approach is guided by the highest standards of care, focusing on the health, temperament, and overall well-being of each dog. We strive to provide our clients with Presa Canarios that are not only beautiful in appearance but also well-balanced and sound in character. Through continuous growth and development, we aim to foster a legacy of excellence, ensuring that each Presa Canario entrusted to us thrives as a beloved member of the family. SoCalPresa is more than a breeder; we are a community dedicated to the enrichment and sustainability of the Presa Canario, connecting passionate owners with dogs that embody the true essence of the breed.

— Elijah Prada, Founder & CEO


We determine our desire in the outcome of the puppies, and consider the parents to utilize.


The parents that exhibit the desired traits and meet our standards with excellent temperament, physical attributes and health are selected.

Pre-Breeding Care

The parents will have regular veterinary check-ups to ensure both dogs are optimal for breeding. A special diet is recommended for a high nutrient uptake.

Mating & Pregnancy Care

The dam is provided extra care, nutrition and veterinary support throughout the pregnancy to ensure a safe gestation period.

Raising Puppies

A clean and comfortable indoor whelping are is setup for the dam to be satisfied taking care of her puppies.

Finding Great Humans

Considering the welfare of our loved puppies, we carefully select the families that would be suitable for our bloodline

Who we are

Elite breeders of the Presa Canario with our roots tracing back to the Canary Islands.

Our expertise in Presa Canarios is fueled by passion and years of experience. We intimately grasp their unique traits and needs. Committed to excellence, we meticulously select breeding pairs for health and temperament and continuously collaborate with experts to advance the breed’s lineage. Our aim is to offer families exemplary companions while upholding and enriching the Presa Canario’s integrity.

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Zero Kennel & Free Range Puppies

Ethical breeding starts from the parents

At SocalPresa, our Presa Canario puppies thrive in a kennel-free, home-like setting, enjoying expansive spaces for natural play and interaction. This environment cultivates their social skills, confidence, and balanced behavior from a tender age. With continuous oversight and engagement, we prioritize their safety and nurture their distinct personalities. Our dedication to a cage-free upbringing signifies our view of each puppy as family, laying the groundwork for their lifelong well-being and happiness.

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The Ultimate Protector for Women

A Formidable Guardian Ready to Take Down Any Man

The Presa Canario, celebrated for its strength, intelligence, and guarding instincts, is a valuable protector, particularly for women desiring added security. These loyal dogs bond deeply with owners and are naturally wary of strangers. When well-trained, they offer controlled protection, deterring intruders with their mere presence and alerting to any unusual activity.

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How we do it

The combination of Nurture and Nature is one of our recipes for success.

Driven by our passion for Presa Canarios, we’ve deeply studied this splendid breed. With extensive experience in breeding and care, we understand their unique temperament and needs. Our ethical breeding and dedication guarantee not only robust, well-socialized puppies but also enduring support to our Presa Canario family. Our actions are anchored in preserving the breed’s essence and our profound love for them.

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The Top Presa Canario Breeder

Ready for the best dog you've ever had in your life?

Our Presa Canario lineage stems from distinguished working-class dogs. Through meticulous breeding, we’ve refined and attained the epitome of show-quality coats. Thus, you receive an unparalleled blend: a canine that is not only physically impeccable but also mentally robust, eager to please and excel in every endeavor.

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Our approach is rooted in a profound understanding of both the mental and physical attributes that make the Presa Canario unique. By focusing on these aspects, we strive to ensure the health, temperament, and overall well-being of each dog. Our breeding practices are guided by the highest standards of care and responsibility, and we are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the breed. This dedication has led to the creation of SoCalPresa, where we continue to foster the growth and development of the Presa Canario, providing our clients with dogs that are not only beautiful but also well-balanced and sound in character ”
Elijah Prada

SoCalPresa, LLC.
Founder & CEO