Stud: SocalPresa King | Height: 30″ Withers | Weight: 158lbs. | Color: Black Brindle

SoCalPresa King Cali is a powerful Presa Canario that could easily be an amazing hunter as he is massive and an agile beast.  He has an excellent bond with family, and is playful, but fearsome to strangers and intruders. Perfect health, raw power, bear like size and extreme intelligence make him a very desired Presa Canario stud. Easy to leave home unattended when you have a “King” to your disposal. This type of dog might be something you and your family might be longing for.

This stud is an amazing bear of a Presa Canario and is beyond menacing. His black brindle coat is what we describe as “heavy brindle” and thus produces highly brindle puppies as a result. This is highly desired among hunters who need a large but quick beast that is camouflage. Puppies he has sired are utilized in a number of different environments and settings including estate guardians, personal protection use, emotional support dogs and have even starred in movies.