SoCalPresa Reviews – from our Presa Canario clients over the years. Please feel free to leave us your comment of us below to give a testimony on your experience with our breeding service. We would love to hear what your Presa’s name is, how they are doing, a funny story anything essentially that you would like to share. On the contrary, if you had a negative experience, please describe the issue(s) properly so we can address them if possible. The purpose of this is to share your experience with a SoCalPresa dog from us and how they have changed your life. This will give our past, current, and future clients some insight on what to expect from a SoCalPresa puppy. We look forward to reading your reviews 🙂


Lifetime Companion: The SoCalPresa Promise

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 8, 2024

Our experience with SoCalPresa was exceptional. From the initial contact to bringing our puppy home, their team was supportive and knowledgeable. Our Presa, Max, is not just a pet, but a family member

Avatar for John and Mary Smith
John and Mary Smith

Unmatched Quality and Dedication

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 6, 2024

Choosing SoCalPresa for our Presa Canario puppy was the best decision we made. Their dedication to maintaining the breed’s integrity is evident in every aspect of their breeding program. The puppy we received is not only beautiful but also displays an excellent temperament, thanks to SoCalPresa’s focus on health and socialization. Their transparent and informative approach made us feel part of the SoCalPresa family. We are grateful for their commitment to excellence and highly recommend them

Avatar for Emily Rodriguez
Emily Rodriguez

A Breeder That Stands Apart

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 3, 2024

SoCalPresa’s reputation for breeding top-quality Presa Canarios is well-deserved. Our experience with them was exceptional, marked by their deep knowledge of the breed and commitment to ethical breeding practices. The puppy we received has become a cherished member of our family, exhibiting the perfect balance of strength, loyalty, and gentleness. SoCalPresa’s ongoing support and advice have been invaluable, making them more than just a breeder but a lifelong resource and friend

Avatar for Linda Johnson
Linda Johnson

Synonymous with Excellence

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 2, 2024

SoCalPresa is synonymous with excellence in Presa Canario breeding. Their approach to breeding, focusing on health, temperament, and breed standards, is exemplary. The puppy we received from them is not only beautiful but also well-adjusted and healthy, a clear indication of their commitment to the breed. SoCalPresa’s ongoing support and advice have been invaluable, making our experience with them truly remarkable. We highly recommend SoCalPresa to anyone seeking a high-quality Presa Canario.

Avatar for Susan Martinez
Susan Martinez

A Joyful Addition to Our Family

Rated 5.0 out of 5
January 2, 2024

We’re grateful to SoCalPresa for our wonderful Presa, Bella. She’s brought so much joy and love into our home. The team’s dedication to their dogs’ health and temperament is truly commendable

Avatar for Michael and Lisa Brown
Michael and Lisa Brown