We are always contacted on social media and our website on how our dogs look the way they do and what we feed them. This article is intended to help eliminate the guess work on which products we use and where to find it. We highly suggest using exactly what we recommend, and not a different version of it.

So to avoid confusion even further, clicking the picture will take you directly to the product on Amazon!


Diatomaceous Earth

This product is fantastic in keeping insects and worms at bay and eradicated entirely though a physical product. Pests cannot create a tolerance to this and it can be sprayed throughout the entire garden and over plant foliage that has issues with flying or crawling insects. Ants, spiders and cockroaches are no match for this as well, so you can spray it pretty liberally around.
Caution is to be taken when using this product as it being airborne will irritate the eyes and the lungs. We ONLY suggest feeding it to the puppy and adult Presa Canario dogs in a LIQUID format along with their routine meal in a minimum of a few days in a row, to help flush out any worms or junk in their system.

MCT Cold Pressed Coconut Oil

Good fats are not to be confused with the high cholesterol associated with unhealthy human eating. Coconut oil infused with your Presa Canario’s food is a fantastic way of giving them over a DOZEN benefits in one super food!

Oral Use: Utilize the proper amount for your Perro de Presa Canario and take advantage of health benefits including; hydration of the Presa Canario skin, digestive issues, boost in immune system, plus the lauric acid in coconut oil can help promote ketones which is excellent for brain health.

Topical Use: We also suggest using this in a topical form on your Perro de Presa Canario adult in the summer times if you are in a dry climate. Preferably after giving them a nice bath, towel dry, and early in the day so the sun can help absorb it into their skin. Use a light amount at first until you understand the usage, and you can always wipe down excessive amounts of the coconut oil on them. If they have a “wet” look to them, its probably too much. Its also fantastic to utilize on the bottoms of the Presa Canario paws and calluses if any have developed from laying on hard surfaces.

High Calorie Liquid Supplement

Utilizing a high calorie supplement for your growing Presa Canario puppy is a way to ensure their proper growth and to achieve the desired look. This is done slowly by proper food of course, but with the added nutrients and increased amount of calories needed to facilitate it. This is a tried and proven formula that has been around forever, and for a good reason. This isn’t to be fooled with today’s designer nutrient that does nothing for the Presa Canario. This will help increase size, strength and happiness from the extra energy provided by Dyne.


Your Presa Canario dog can adapt quickly to multiple environments cold and hot. Although its best to keep the safety of our beast in mind under heavy activities or ultra hot conditions. Just as humans benefit from electrolytes, so will your Perro de Presa Canario! We only recommend this K9Power electrolyte as it has been a steady factor in keeping our stock of working and non working dogs in full health at all times. It’s extremely easy apply as we would just recommend adding it to their 3 or 5 gallon (food grade) bucket of water that should be changed out once a day.

Puppy Nutrients & Supplementation

Ultra 24 is a milk substitute we utilize for our nursing puppies along with our growing ones. This comes in a powder form and must be broken down with water before serving it to them. It is fantastic to provide extra nutrition and calories that normal puppy food does not have, in a safe, tried and true formula. We would recommend using this along a well balanced kibble as well, just make sure the powder is absorbed and sticking to the food with a slight amount of water. Never over doing the liquid as your Presa Canario puppy needs to chew frequently in order to strengthen the jaw and facial structure.


Multi Vitamins

Your rapidly growing Presa Canario puppy is going to need an overall multivitamin that will make sure you are covering all the micro nutrient profiles that can be missed with specific diets. Why restrict your puppies mind and body from growing and thriving the way it should? These also contain digestive enzymes and probiotics that may help with gas, bloat, or unexpected events that result from malnutrition and or charge of diet. Utilize these specific vitamins in order to keep your Presa Canario dog healthy and happy.

Artificial Bone

All Perro de Presa Canario puppies are “chewy” for the first year of their lives and need proper chew toys in order to keep out of the things they shouldn’t. The problem is that many companies supply third rate products not good for their diet and even worse for their teeth! This is a 100 real food ingredient hard chew that will satisfy your presa puppies consistent need to chew. This is great for their skull structure and will make sure they obtain a wide head, strong jaw muscles and clean teeth. This is listed as number one because they will not deny this chew, ever!

Natural Pig Hoofs

These all natural pig hooves are the perfect snack for your presa canario and will last from 1 to 5 hours each depending on the size of your dog. There is no residual pieces left everywhere which is an added bonus if being used indoors. Being a long lasting & heavy duty chew toy and with a natural flavor, this will hold the interest of your Presa Canario for a decent amount of time. This is also a perfect indoor hard chew as it realigns their mind to understand what to, and what not to chew on.

Grain Free Dry Kibble – High Protein

A newer company that deals with high quantities of protein for food. So much in fact that most of their products are cat foods, which if you didn’t know, all cat foods have a much higher percentage of protein than any dog food. On the same note, if feeding primarily kibble for your presa canario you must fortify their food as well as you don’t JUST want to give them high protein and call it a day, they need a proper balanced diet. CRAVE is a great base for your dry food and you can mix in your other ingredients to the mix which will spread the food even further. Best of all is its so tasty, that their nighttime meal as just plain CRAVE will stimulate their hunger, unlike many similar dry food products. Fortify their food in combination with other products on this page for an optimal diet.

Grain Free Dry Kibble – High Protein

Another great recommended dry kibble would be Taste of the Wild a well known and seasoned company that has been around for a very long time now with great results. As for the same respect as the previous food above, we absolutely suggest fortifying either of these dry kibble with extra nutrients and carbohydrates listed and even not listed. All these products when used in combination can net phenomenal results with proper exercise and a positive daily routine.