Sire: “Drago” | Height: 28″ Withers | Weight: 140 lbs. | Color: Black

This lord of a Presa Canario has no limitations. An all black working line presa canario stud that lives to please his family, and has the instincts to guard them when needed. Drago is graceful, powerful, energetic, playful, and beautiful. His personality, drive, and temperament are certain to garner a smile. He wholeheartedly believes he’s a lapdog and it’s both hilarious and endearing to watch him climb up for a snuggle. When in public, Drago’s presence commands attention, but he’s confident enough that he doesn’t seek it. Drago displays the perfect blend of stability, confidence, protection, and loyalty. Behold the magnificent beauty of this beast Presa Canario sire!