Choosing the right breeder is crucial when looking for a Presa Canario puppy. The best breeders not only adhere to strict ethical standards but also prioritize the health, temperament, and overall well-being of their dogs. SoCalPresa, a leading Presa Canario breeder, exemplifies these qualities and more, making it a top choice for prospective dog owners.

Commitment to Ethical Breeding

SoCalPresa stands out for its unwavering commitment to ethical breeding practices. This includes thorough health screenings, genetic testing, and careful selection of breeding pairs. The goal is to produce healthy, well-tempered puppies that meet the highest breed standards.

Health Screenings and Genetic Testing

Every breeding pair at SoCalPresa undergoes comprehensive health screenings and genetic testing. This ensures that only the healthiest dogs with excellent genetic backgrounds are bred. This meticulous process helps prevent hereditary diseases and promotes the overall health of the breed.

Responsible Breeding Practices

SoCalPresa follows responsible breeding practices that prioritize the well-being of both the dogs and their puppies. This includes providing a kennel-free, home-like environment where the dogs are raised. Such an environment helps in the socialization of the puppies, making them well-adjusted and confident.

Superior Puppy Care

SoCalPresa’s approach to puppy care is unparalleled. From birth to adoption, every puppy is given the best possible care to ensure they grow into healthy and well-behaved dogs.

Early Developmental Stimulation

Puppies at SoCalPresa undergo early developmental stimulation. This involves various exercises and activities that help stimulate their neurological development. This early start ensures that the puppies are mentally sharp and well-prepared for training and socialization.

Comprehensive Socialization

Socialization is a critical aspect of raising a well-balanced dog. SoCalPresa ensures that their puppies are exposed to various environments, people, and other animals from an early age. This helps in developing a confident and adaptable temperament, which is crucial for a breed known for its protective instincts.

Top-Notch Training Programs

Training is essential for Presa Canarios, given their size, strength, and protective nature. SoCalPresa offers comprehensive training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of each dog and their future owners.

Protection Training

SoCalPresa provides specialized protection training for those looking to have a Presa Canario as a guard dog. This training includes obedience, alertness, and controlled aggression, ensuring the dog can effectively protect its home and family without becoming a threat.

Obedience Training

Basic obedience training is crucial for all dogs, and SoCalPresa excels in this area. Their training programs cover essential commands and behaviors, making it easier for owners to manage their dogs and integrate them into family life.

Exceptional Bloodline and Breed Standards

SoCalPresa is renowned for its exceptional bloodline, which combines the best traits of the Presa Canario breed. Their dogs adhere to stringent breed standards, ensuring that each puppy is a true representative of the breed’s characteristics.

Champion Bloodlines

The breeding dogs at SoCalPresa come from champion bloodlines, known for their superior genetics, conformation, and temperament. This ensures that the puppies inherit the best qualities, making them excellent candidates for both show and work.

Adherence to Breed Standards

SoCalPresa is dedicated to preserving the integrity of the Presa Canario breed. Their breeding program strictly adheres to recognized breed standards, ensuring that their dogs exhibit the correct physical and behavioral traits.

Worldwide Reach and Support

SoCalPresa’s commitment to its clients extends beyond the initial sale. They provide ongoing support and resources to ensure that new owners can care for their Presa Canario properly.

Global Shipping

Based in Houston, Texas, SoCalPresa offers worldwide shipping via air cargo. This makes it possible for prospective owners from around the globe to access their exceptional puppies.

Continued Support

New owners are not left to fend for themselves after bringing home a puppy from SoCalPresa. The breeder offers continuous support, including advice on training, health care, and general maintenance. This ensures that the dogs remain healthy and well-behaved throughout their lives.


SoCalPresa is more than just a breeder; it is a beacon of excellence in the world of Presa Canarios. Their dedication to ethical breeding, superior puppy care, comprehensive training programs, exceptional bloodline, and ongoing support make them the best choice for anyone looking to add a Presa Canario to their family. For more information, visit SoCalPresa and discover how we can help you find the perfect Presa Canario puppy.