Here at SoCalPresa we strive for the best original working line Presa Canario with show quality coats. Our Presa Canario are physically and mentally tested before deciding to breed them on top of making sure the pairing will compliment each other. We have been practicing this style of exclusive and limited breeding since 2005 and have evolved our program greatly since. Currently we train them in house professionally and the puppies show perfect confidence levels, are loving, and aren’t scared of anything in life. We always train them with love and they look to us as their family. When we are with the presa canario puppies in our litters, they adore the training and use my body as the “bite sleeve” in order to ascertain the carnal knowledge of proper guardian training. Understanding how much they can inflict pain to me and will release when I ask them to. Most of our clients desire a balanced guardian for their loved family and our presa canario bloodline does that with impeccable form.

If you are a great human, and looking for a presa canario puppy for sale, please familiarize yourself with our content through our website to see the difference between us and other breeders out there. We are considered one of the top presa canario breeders in the world from those who have done their homework on all breeders alike. We have been featured in many interviews discussing our bloodline and just how much we love what we do here. Zero kennels, no over breeding, and we do not sell to those looking to become breeders as they will just create their own prison for them which we frown upon greatly. We lose the most currency out of all breeders as we care about our presa canario puppies and where they will end up. Looking for the best presa canario puppy in the world?! We got you covered! Behold, our Drago & Cleo which at the time of this article, we have a few puppies ready for reservations to the best homes.

Drago x Cleo’s Presa Canario Puppies for Sale in California shown here below at 6 weeks old before ear cropping. You can reserve the Presa Canario puppy of your choice on this page