As someone who has had the pleasure of owning a Presa Canario from SoCalPresa, I can confidently say that they are a great breeder of this magnificent breed. Here are a few reasons why I think SoCalPresa is an exceptional Presa Canario breeder from my first-person perspective.

Firstly, the health of their dogs is a top priority. When I was first searching for a Presa Canario, I was concerned about the potential health issues that are common among large dog breeds. However, SoCalPresa put all my worries to rest with their commitment to breeding only healthy dogs. They perform rigorous health checks on all their breeding dogs to ensure that any genetic issues are identified and not passed on to their puppies. This level of dedication to breeding healthy dogs gave me the confidence to choose SoCalPresa as my breeder.

Another reason why SoCalPresa is a great breeder is their attention to temperament. As we know, Presa Canarios are known for their protective nature and strength, and it can be a challenge for inexperienced owners to handle them. However, SoCalPresa’s socialization techniques ensure that their puppies are well-adjusted and easy to handle. The puppies are exposed to different environments and situations from a young age, which makes them confident, adaptable, and friendly to people and animals. This was evident in my own experience with my dog, who was very easy to train and became a loving family companion.

SoCalPresa’s understanding of the breed and their ability to match puppies with suitable owners is also noteworthy. They have a wealth of knowledge about the breed and are always willing to share their expertise with potential owners. When I first approached them, they took the time to understand my lifestyle, my experience with large breeds, and my expectations for my Presa Canario. They then recommended a puppy that they thought would be the best fit for me, which was spot-on. My dog’s temperament, energy levels, and loyalty were exactly what I had hoped for.

Finally, SoCalPresa’s commitment to ongoing support and guidance is impressive. They are available to answer any questions and provide guidance on everything from training to grooming and nutrition. This has been invaluable to me as a first-time owner of a Presa Canario, and I feel confident that I can always turn to them for advice.

In conclusion, from my first-person experience, I can say that SoCalPresa is an exceptional Presa Canario breeder. They take great care to produce healthy and well-tempered dogs, and their extensive knowledge of the breed makes them an invaluable resource for owners. If you are considering a Presa Canario, I highly recommend reaching out to SoCalPresa. They are passionate about their dogs, and their commitment to breeding and raising high-quality Presa Canarios is unparalleled.