Having a new Perro de Presa Canario dog or puppy can be challenging in many aspects. Having the right training tools, things to keep them busy, and robots to clean your floors will make your life run even smoother. Specific items geared toward your powerful puppy will help you find peace in raising them correctly.

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History and Training Guide for the Presa Canario

This informative, factual volume details the true history of the Presa Canario, as never before documented, told through first-hand accounts by old-time Presa dogmen from the islands. Additionally, the book discusses the breed characteristics, the official standard of the Spanish breed club, selecting a puppy, housebreaking and obedience training and health care.

For every dog fancier interested in this unique rare breed, this book promises to be an invaluable resource and the only volume of its kind dedicated to the Perro de Presa Canario breed.

Raised Feeding Bowls

Keep your dog from scrounging on the floors and help them obtain an easier ingestion with these stainless steel dog bowls on a clean and germ resistant bamboo frame. This also has anti slip feet so it should prevent sliding on your floors. Not only is it better for them to eat from, but its also easier on your back over the years you will have to grab it off the ground.

Training E-Collar

This training collar is for the experienced, or those willing to correctly take the next steps to perfecting their training and advancing. If you are going this route we would only suggest the best as many e-collar companies have horrible regulated voltages, ranges, durability and more. This electronic training collar was the capability to allow you to utilize tones as well as vibrations for subtle commands and a multitude of disciplinary levels on the remote for low to high stress situations.

Chest Harness

Some Presa Canario’s if not training correctly at a young age may pull continuously on walks, making a fun task awful instantly. A chest harness will help SOME of our dogs to literally change their pull behavior instantly. It could be from the place of resistance that your presa canario will feel on their body that plays a factor, or the added comfort and “body tug” in comparison to the neck pull which lends to them pulling like a bull.

Dog Bed – with Purpose

If you have your Presa Canario sleeping in your home at night then you’re already helping them age better. Getting them a proper and plush area to sleep on will be ideal for their overall health as providing a goodnight sleep for your loved one is just as important for us humans. We would suggest getting a larger than needed version overall for your puppy or adult presa canario so they can sprawl out completely, and not have to ball up continuously.

Live Indoors?

Hair is going to get everywhere for sure. The presa canario does not shed too much IF they are combed once a week, but lets face it, times may pass without that process, and hair will start appearing. We have been using these for years now with absolutely zero regrets except to report that certain models are much more durable and smarter than others so its a hit or miss. In that regard, the photo pictured is the exact model we have had in our homes. You can even schedule it to vacuum when you know the house is empty.

Dog Training Crate

House training for some of us is going to need the very temporary, or slightly prolonged use of a crate. Please utilize with caution and never leave your puppy unattended for long as this can be a dangerous item if they are in a hot environment for too long, or without water. As their bladders increase in size, the use of a crate will be optional and you can continue to purchase larger sizes for your home. On the other note, this breed NEEDS regular exercise and proper mental stimulation ESPECIALLY if time has been spent in a kennel that day. This tool can have severe consequences & some humans are not so mentally strong, so we must point this out for parties seeking out information for their presa canario dogs. Please proceed with caution.

Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Using a high quality dog shampoo will help prevent skin irritations and prevent problems before they start. Also having your hands over your dog while bathing helps with feeling out the skin which may have an issue that you were not able to see on the surface. Depending on the area you live in and how much your dog is sweating you should consider at least a rinse off in between baths as excessively shampooing them is useless and will do more harm than good. We recommend after a full bath and drying, that a light coat of unrefined coconut oil is applied throughout their face, ears and body for a full protectant that will help ward off insects and lather their skin nicely.

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