The Perro de Presa Canario is a unique breed, mentally and physically. This is truly one that is a direct reflection of their owners, good or bad. This can either result in a liability on your hands or quite possibly the very best dog you will ever own. The Presa Canario is a working line breed with a background for herding large animals as well as guarding their beloved family while accompanying them through their daily lives. This dog breed when properly trained, along with the family in a positive nature gives so much back to them in a multitude of ways. Guarding the children from strangers, or other animals your presa canario is not happy with, is a job that is done with love, dedication, and the precision of a surgeon.

Issues with raising them are common more frequently when the presa canario puppy is left unattended especially without guidance from older presa canario parents, or their human counterparts which would watch them and guide them through the day with the “do’s and dont’s. In the puppy phases, they are consistently learning. They are learning from their siblings, mother, father, humans, and environment, there will be loads of influence on how your puppy acts when he or she is a fully grown perro de presa canario dog. The puppy is watching and observing the day and obtaining positive or negative reinforcement continuously or on occasion. Your puppies response to this stimulation will be tremendous. This is the time to raise your puppy properly and give them the guidelines for their day that fits along with yours.

Love. This breed is a true love for their humans and expect the same in return. We have seen these dogs raised in a number of situations where they will get much more, or much less attention from their owner or trainer and that helps us deduce the quality of the outcome. We have always determined that the perro de presa canario always does much better when kept very close to the family, loved dearly, and shown the ropes of life properly like a child’s first day. Pushed forward with positivity and care, your perro de presa canario will understand slowly what makes you and the family happy and will be there when they notice a shift in your mood for the worse. This incorporation will let them understand they are a true member of your family. They will be there for your every move and push you forward as much as you allow them to.

Training is a must for this large and generally aggressive breed. Mistakes are commonly made with clients through the entire spectrum from hierarchy to feeding and handling. As previously mentioned, they will be a direct reflection of their owner and thus this must be understood and these traits may not be the best well rounded for your life. As an example, rough housing with your presa canario is generally a ‘no no’ as these guys can be confused by your intentions and can also persist to conduct the behavior with strangers, which can easily lead to a severely bitten person. Respect should always be consistent and never broken as it will mold your presa canario in the best or worst ways. You are showing them that they can either trust you, or watch you and your friends carefully for bad intentions. They are absolutely top of the food chain when it comes to understanding their loved ones and knowing how to please.

Exercise should be incorporated in their daily routine with not only playing, but a proper walk with them by your side. You will notice that your puppy initially will do one of three things; walk in front, in back or right next to you. Walking in front of you will have loads of trainers stating this is a ‘alpha move’ and they are dominating your walk. This is not always the case as the presa canario could also be nervous and is moving through the course quickly to complete the exercise. Walking behind you will constitute your puppy of being fearful of the situation in which you should assert a level of confidence directly into them. Take your time and be patient with the presa canario puppy understanding their new environment and you as the trainer speaking confidently and lovingly to them along with a confident light touch.

Food, toys and snacks should be taken seriously as developmental issues can occur with a diet to low in nutrients, proteins or carbohydrates. Supplementing the food with loads of extras are always advisable. Something to be aware of is your presa canario may have a harder or more sensitive stomach than others in his or her litter. A completely raw diet is not advisable as the lack of carbohydrates generally given in a raw or ‘barf’ diet is extremely low which does not suit our particular perro de presa canario bloodline. Toys should be of an extremely tough nature and supervision should be given over your puppy with the new toy until you understand what the puppy can do to it. Rope toys are never recommended as they will shred them and it can entangle in their intestines. Bones should only and always be given in the RAW form. Cooked bones of ANY nature are horrible for them and can absolutely lead to detrimental consequences. An easy and natural snack for a presa canario puppy or adult is a pig ear(s) which can be found anywhere they sell premium dog food.

Dedication is key with the perro de presa canario dog. You want a loyal dog and the best one of your life, and guess what… they want the same from you! These guys and gals have the mind the size of an elephant with the veracity of a tiger. A true loving home with proper guidance always results in the best dog our clients have ever owned. They are like children for the first year consistently surprising you with new things they have learned, things they have figured how to make you laugh, and how they earn that warm spot in your heart! Our perro de presa canario has been mentally and physically tested over generations to ensure the absolute best outcome for our clients with the best intentions.

Is the perro de presa canario the right dog for you? This is a great question to ask yourself when taking on a ten plus year new family member! They are a total challenge and generally not a first time dog owner recommendation as they have a much more advanced mind than some humans out there. A guardian dog they are but with much more intensity along with them which can be a blessing to those looking for a family guardian, or a curse to those just wanting a backyard dog. We only recommend these dogs to those who have done their research and is not only in the right time, but the right place for a presa canario. A perfectly balanced guardian is what we strive for here at SoCalPresa with our presa canario bloodline.