Thank you for the interest in our Perro de Presa Canario bloodline. Our upcoming and current available perro de presa canario litters can be found on our shop page by clicking this link.

We breed for quality and sell to the most noble of humans only. If you are interested in our perro de presa canario line please check out our past videos in order to experience just the kind of excellent mind set and physical elements they possess. Having a superior mental aptitude will require more from their owner, and is why the carnal knowledge of the breed and our training methods are all needed for a positive outcome which is provided to all our clients.

Our puppies go through the whole range of life with our loving assistance, and get to grow in the time we have them. This is all done without the use of kennels that turns their mind less attentive, and promote more “typical” and “aggressive” dog like behaviors down the line. With the specific and selective breeding over the years has further solidified what we offer our valued clients. The previous perro de presa canario puppies we have created are living healthy, happy and are part of their wonderful family with the help of all our initial training. We are looking forward to having you become part of our SoCalPresa family!