There are many people who get into heated debates regarding ear cropping on dogs. Some say that this is barbaric and that dog’s ears and tails should never be amputated in any way. This is something that some dog owners will defend by saying that the procedure is done with proper anesthetics and the dog feels no pain because of it. In this article, we are going to be talking about the benefits of cropping Presa Canario ears and the benefits of keeping them. This is going to allow you to make an informed decision on the matter.

Keeping the ears intact

One of the main things about keeping the dog’s ears is that this gives them a friendlier look. The natural ears of a Presa actually look quite good and there is no problem in keeping them if you are not planning to have your dog in some kind of contest that requires cropping.

Some countries have banned this procedure because they consider it to be animal abuse and this could also be a reason for you to consider not doing it.

There is no actual enhancement in the dog’s performance or hearing ability if you get the ears cropped, so the truth is that the only reason to do it is because of the opinion of the breeder and/or owners who believe that this makes the dog look much better.

Cropping the ears

It has become a tradition for the ears on this particular breed to be cropped. According to many breeders, a great ear crop for the Presa Canario will show even more facial expression, and in the USA it is a completely legal practice. This procedure according to veterinarians, is not painful or harmful in any way.

There are also some males that have really long ears and cropping them will be great because it will allow them to avoid injury. Other people consider that the natural look of their ears is not very good looking and it takes away from the beauty of their breed.

The Perro de Presa Canario is a working breed, and cropping the ears helps avoid future injury to them in a multitude of ways. Understanding that by having those floppy things in battle with a ferocious wild beast, the beast will latch on to them naturally, and so removal avoids that entirely.

Some people say that they like to crop their dog’s ears because that makes them look more alert and ferocious and they want their dogs to guard their property effectively. While the crop does indeed make a dog look more menacing, it won’t make the dog more alert or more capable of doing this.

Canada has banned this practice and so have many countries in Europe, but it seems to continue to be allowed in the United States, even with the constant protests of animal rights activists.

Dog breeding

People who plan to breed dogs will crop according to the breed as it retains the look of the show or working version of that breed. This generally is going to raise the value of the puppies, but the crop will not alter the pedigree on the Presa Canario puppy in any way. In fact, presa canario puppies are very robust and physically strong dogs, and when you crop the packs ears, they have to be separated which takes away from the bonding aspect. For 2 weeks they will have stitches in their ears, and naturally they will want to bite each other through out the day, so you can imagine what would happen if they were not separated.


It might seem like cropping the ears of your Presa Canario is the best decision you can take because of the look it will give to your dog, but there is really no good reason to do this if you plan to have your dog at home and you are not looking to register the animal for a contest. In the end it is all about personal preference, and if you go to a reputable veterinarian who has completed several Presa Canario puppy ear cropping’s, then you should not have a problem. Make sure you ask for past pictures of their work specifically on the “Presa Canario”. Make sure they are taking care of the aftercare, etc.

Understand this is an art almost like tattooing, yes you can get one, but will it be a good one is the question! Good luck either way with your Presa Canario Puppy!