Introduction to Essential Commands Every Presa Canario Should Know

The Presa Canario is a powerful, intelligent, and loyal breed that thrives on structure and training. Known for their protective nature, these dogs can make excellent companions when properly trained. Training isn’t just about teaching tricks; it’s about establishing a language that you and your Presa Canario can both understand. Given the breed’s innate guarding instincts and strong will, it is crucial that your Presa Canario is well-versed in basic obedience commands. Here, we will explore the 10 essential commands every Presa Canario should know.

1. Sit

Importance: Establishing control and focus
How to Train: Use a treat to guide the dog’s nose upwards, causing its bottom to touch the ground. As soon as this happens, say “Sit” and reward.

Why Presa Canarios Need This: “Sit” is a foundational command that allows you to manage your dog effectively and create a starting point for more complex commands.

2. Stay

Importance: Safety and impulse control
How to Train: Ask your dog to sit, open your palm in front of their face, say “Stay,” and take a step back. Reward for success, gradually increasing the distance.

Why Presa Canarios Need This: This command is crucial for situations where you need your Presa Canario to remain in one spot, such as when visitors come to the door.

3. Come

Importance: Recall and safety
How to Train: With a leash on, crouch to your dog’s level, and say “Come” while gently pulling the leash towards you. Reward the dog when it reaches you.

Why Presa Canarios Need This: The “Come” command is invaluable for getting your dog out of potentially dangerous situations and ensuring its safety.

4. Heel

Importance: Controlled walking
How to Train: Start walking with your dog on a leash. If it pulls, stop walking. Once it returns to your side, resume walking and say “Heel.”

Why Presa Canarios Need This: Given their size and strength, it’s crucial that a Presa Canario learns to walk respectfully beside you.

5. Lay Down

Importance: Submissiveness and calmness
How to Train: Use a treat to guide your dog from a sitting position down to a lying position while saying “Lay Down.”

Why Presa Canarios Need This: This command can be useful in situations where you need your dog to be calm and composed, such as at the vet’s office.

6. No/Leave It

Importance: Avoiding unwanted behavior
How to Train: When your dog is about to engage in undesirable behavior, say “No” or “Leave It” in a firm voice.

Why Presa Canarios Need This: This command is vital for preventing your Presa Canario from picking up something harmful or engaging in inappropriate behavior.

7. Drop It

Importance: Safety
How to Train: Use a toy to engage your dog. Once they grab it, say “Drop It” and show them a treat. When they release the toy, reward them.

Why Presa Canarios Need This: In case your Presa Canario picks up something dangerous, this command ensures you can get them to release it immediately.

8. Quiet

Importance: Minimizing excessive barking
How to Train: When your dog starts barking, say “Quiet” in a calm but firm voice. Reward silence.

Why Presa Canarios Need This: While Presa Canarios are natural guardians, excessive barking can become a nuisance. This command helps control that behavior.

9. Wait

Importance: Impulse control
How to Train: Before letting your dog out a door or off a leash, say “Wait” and only proceed when you get calm, focused behavior.

Why Presa Canarios Need This: This command is particularly useful for controlling your dog at thresholds like doorways or when getting in and out of the car.

10. Place

Importance: Specific spot for relaxation
How to Train: Guide your dog to a designated area, like a bed or mat, using a leash and the word “Place.” Reward when they remain there.

Why Presa Canarios Need This: Having a designated “Place” can give your dog a sense of security and can be used to manage space when you have visitors.


Training a Presa Canario requires patience, consistency, and an understanding of this magnificent breed’s unique characteristics. Teaching these 10 essential commands will not only help in day-to-day management but also enrich your Presa Canario’s life by providing mental stimulation and clear communication. With proper training, your Presa Canario will be a well-behaved and highly responsive member of your family.