Presa Canario: The Ultimate Balanced Guardian Family Dog

The Presa Canario, also known as the Canary Mastiff or Perro de Presa Canario, is a Molosser type dog originally developed for working with livestock. They are very powerful dogs native to the Canary Islands. They are known to be very affection and possess loyal characteristics.

Body: Bred for their muscular ability and strength, yet with very affectionate personality, Presa Canario is the ultimate dog for families who are up for the challenge, and want to reap the rewards, should have. Although these dogs may look very intimidating, they can be obedient and calm, especially when they have proper training to do so. They are very loyal to their trainer and owner, making them a great companion and home protector. They are also known to be excellent companions and good watchdogs.

Why Presa Canario is The Ideal Family Dog?

Are you thinking of having a Presa Canario at home, but quite reluctant to have such a massive dog around your house? Well, if you aren’t sure, here are some reasons why these dogs are the ultimate guardian dog every family should have.

They are Loving Dogs you can Enjoy to be Around with. Presa Canarios may be very impressive, intimidating and imposing to look at, but they are actually known to be well-behaved, calm and placid dog breeds that thrive in a good home environment. They love to be included in things that go aro nd them.

Their Suspicious Character Makes them a Perfect Guardian Dog for the Family. Presa Canarios are very distrustful and suspicious of strangers, but they normally accept strangers once the owner accepts them. They are very alert and always ready to defend you or your property when necessary. While it is generally a quiet dog breed, it has an intimidating bark. If you think of owning a Presa Canario as your guardian dog, it is best to understand the canines’ alpha nature.

Their Appearance will Deter any Intruder. If you are searching for a perfect dog that is ready to defend your home, you should never hesitate to have a Presa Canario. They make an outstanding guard dog with an appearance that can deter any intruder. Also, they have a unique ability to confront anyone who intrudes in your property. With their strength and impressive body built, they can drive any uninvited guest away. Cropping their ears is also a standard, and will make it obvious that this is not a “freak of a dog”, but a purposeful guardian of the property and family.

They Do Not Drool. Despite their massive mouth and jaws, a true Perro de Presa Canario will not slobber or drool throughout the house. This does not include if they are panting or chewing on things like rawhide snacks, but as a general note, they will not leave your floors a mess, making them fantastic to have in your house.

Now, if you have decided to have a Presa Canario at home, obedient training and early socialization are important. These dogs are very competitive, and do well in obedience,  iron dogs, dock diving, agility, conformation and some other working trials. You can also raise them along other dogs, cats, livestock and even reptiles, as long as they understand they are not to be harmed and respected.

You must take this dog for pack walks (preferably everyday) to satisfy its migration instincts. It must not walk in front of you while you hold a lead because a pack leader always goes first. Have them walk along side of you in order to create the bond and respect desired. If at first they walk in back of you, this may be a sign of fear to the area, which you must consul them properly and assure them things are fine, essentially fortifying their confidence they are lacking. When you live with Presa Canario, you become its pack. You must be making the decision, and not your dog. This is the only way that your relationship with your guardian family dog can become a complete success.

The Perro de Presa Canario is not for the first time dog owner. This is an intelligent and dominating beast that knows how to get what it wants and will work your patience. When obtaining a Presa Canario puppy, the breeder should spend a significant time with you to give you proper training advice, along with things to do, and not to do. The Presa Canario breeder should also inform you in the ways to obtain the kind of personality you are looking for in that Presa Canario puppy. This is critical to the success of raising your puppy in the right form and having an ultimate family guardian dog, if that is what you wish to obtain.

King Cali & Nina | Presa Canario Puppies for Sale in Southern California

We are pleased to announce our litter of SocalPresa King Cali and SocalPresa Nina!
The puppies we are expecting will be mostly Black Brindle Presa Canario Puppies. Nina is a great mother who has produced only one previous litter of the now famous “SocalPresa Tyson” which is 28 inches at the withers, and built like a semi truck!
We strive to contain the heartiest Presa Canario genes with extremely low health issues in order to breed the highest Perro de Presa Canario puppy possible.
All our puppies are contracted only to good families, and have a guarantee on their health.

Reserve Your Puppy Here

SocalPresa King Cali is a robust Presa Canario that could easily be an amazing hunter as he is a massive and agile beast.  He has an excellent bond with this family of mostly girls, and is playful, but fearsome to strangers and intruders. Perfect health, raw power, bear like size and extreme intelligence make him a very desired Presa Canario stud. Easy to leave home unattended when you have a “King” to your disposal.

Stud: SocalPresa King | Height: 30″ Withers | Weight: 158lbs. | Color: Brindle

SocalPresa Nina is an exceptional Perro de Presa Canario female guardian. Because of her enormous size, people always confuse her as a male with a typical response of “that’s the female!?!”. She is a true family companion and guardian as her love shines daily. Nina is short for madrina, which means godmother in Spanish, and she absolutely lives up to her name in every way. Zero health issues, fantastic temperament, a giant size presa canario… this girl has it all!

Dam: SocalPresa Nina | Height: 26″ Withers Weight: 130lbs. | Color: Brindle


Presa Canario Vs. Cane Corso – Breed Comparison

Both the Cane Corso and Presa Canario are two very similar looking dog breeds and they are widely known for being great working partners as well as pets. However, if you aren’t familiar with the differences between these two breeds it can be very hard to identify the two. In this article we are going to talk about the differences between the two breeds and how you can use those to identify any of them!

Presa Canario

Also known as the Canary Dog, this is a breed that comes from the Canary Islands and it can also be found in Spain. They are pertaining to the Molosser breed group and initially they were used for working with livestock.

What makes the Presa Canario distinct is the fact that this breed has a very muscular, thick body and their head is massive, most of the time in the form of a square. The breed is known for their hot tempered bites and they can sometimes have their ears cropped by their owners for working or purely aesthetic reasons. The average weight for this breed is ~45kg whereas the withers height is anywhere between 57-66cm.

One thing to note about this particular breed and which does sound quite peculiar is that they have paws similar to a cat. They also tend to walk and stride like a cat. Unlike other similar breeds though they don’t have an undercoat. They do have a very short fur coat that comes in a variety of brindle and fawn shades which is generally coarse in touch. Sometimes you can see a little white in the muzzle and chest area.

The Perro de Presa Canario has a long history and was also used for family and home protection after working the livestock. True guardians by nature, they are generally aggressive towards strangers and animals that are an imminent threat. Excellent with family members, very intelligent creatures and overprotective. The Presa Canario summed up in one sentence.

Cane Corso

The Cane Corso breed comes from Italy and it’s widely used as a hunting companion. It pertains to the Italian Molosser breed group. What you will like about this breed is the fact that they have a very well-developed body. Not only that, but they can go up to 50kg and up to 70cm in height.

The skin of a Cane Corso is usually pretty tight although some specimens do have a few dewlaps and hanging jaws. The main characteristic for the Cane Corso which actually defines the breed is the slightly shorter, wide muzzle. The ears are medium sized, and owners are also known to crop them for aesthetic or working purposes. This breed is also known for having its tail docked. When it comes to their color, the breed can be see with an assortment of colors including; grey, brindle, red, black and more.

Like Presa Canario, the Cane Corso can be and has a tendency to be aggressive towards strangers. In Italy, this dog would be used to hunt boar and guardian. It’s own name Cane Corso in Latin “Cohors” which means “Guardian” and “Protector.” and is for a very good reason. This dog was known to be an awesome companion in the protection nature, and was great with family. The coat is shorter than the Presa Canario, but also coarse and stiff.

As you can see, both the Cane Corso and Presa Canario do share some similarities, especially when it comes to their size and physique. The only health issue they “share” is Hip Dysplasia, from what we know of. Personality wise, we hear very similar stories  In the end, we see that buyers make their selection mostly for color choice, or “lack of” in the breed they did not choose. Both breeds have about 6 colors for UKC and AKC standards.

Encountered both breeds and see similarities or differences we haven’t mentioned? Feel free to leave a comment!

10 Reasons why you should own a Presa Canario

The Perro de Presa Canario , or simply Presa Canario is a special breed of dog that will quickly become a loving family member. In Spanish, the name translates to “Canarian Catch Dog” and originates from the Canary Islands in Spain. Presa Canario’s are generally perfect family members for families that have had large dogs already. Presa Canario’s are not recommended as first time dogs as, if they are not trained properly, they can be aggressive towards other dogs or strangers. However, with the appropriate training and just a touch of love, the Presa Canario can be life long friends and a monumental companion for you and your loved ones.

Here are 10 reasons why the Perro de Presa Canario is the perfect dog for you.

  1. Keep you fit

Let’s be honest. Staying in shape these days is easier said than done. With work, kids, bills to pay, and dinners to make, finding the time for yourself to go to the gym can be difficult. However, owning a Presa Canario would require you to walk the dog almost every day in order for you and your dog to bond the best. This would get you out in the world, and get your blood flowing! Spending this time will let both of you clear your heads and return to stability. I know it sounds spiritual and maybe crazy, but trust me, you will be happy you walked together.

  1. Protection for your Family

The Presa Canario is a big dog that can be intimidating to unwanted visitors. It is essential to train your Presa Canario so they won’t attack just anybody, but these loyal dogs will make sure any unwanted visitors turn on their heels and go the other way. Visually this breed is heart stopping whey they are upset and even scary when sitting doing nothing. Make sure you yourself are in top condition mentally to harness the best in your puppy.

  1. Great Hunting Companion

Presa Canario’s were originally ‘catch dogs’. They are perceptible hunters and will help you if you are ever out in the woods and in need of some help.

  1. Great Help with Livestock

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to round up some sheep, it might be a good idea to have a Presa Canario at your side. Presa Canario’s were originally used for helping out with farm and ranch work. Their agility, and large stature makes it easy for them to round up livestock, getting the job done quicker.

  1. They Will Become your Best Friend

The old saying, ‘dogs are man’s best friends’ certainly includes Presa Carnario’s. These dogs will be loyal to you and your family. There is no question of their loyalty, only the question of will you actually deserve it? Seriously they are amazing. With proper training, your Presa Carnario will always be at your side, and will be the best cuddle buddy for when you’re relaxing and watching TV.

  1. Easy on the Allergies

Presa Canario’s do not shed much hair. So if you are allergic to dogs, a Presa Canario might be a good option for you. As long as you brush them once every week or two, they do not leave much hair around, which is great for your sinuses! And your vacuum. Short haired and we have found some Presa Canario’s have very coarse hair, while some has slightly longer and softer fur.

  1. They are Astounding Creatures

There probably isn’t a puppy on this planet that isn’t adorable, and the Presa Canario is no exception. However, when they grow up, the Presa Canario is a sight to behold! They are large, thick, and muscular, and have a distinctive shaped head. They can be quite intimidating if you’re on their bad side, so training them for obedience and protection is essential.  That being said, they are beautiful dogs that will protect you if you ever need protection.

  1. They have an Extreme Bond with the Family

When you give your Presa Canario a lot of friendship, love, discipline, and a good home, your Presa Canario will think of you as one of their own.

  1. They will increase your confidence in yourself

The Presa Canario is not a dog for people who have trouble asserting their dominance. If they sense that they are the alpha dog, you will have a tumultuous relationship with your Presa Canario. However, if you assert that you are in fact the alpha dog, your Presa Canario will treat you like the leader. This will increase your confidence because being the leader of your house is a good feeling.

  1. Perfect camping companions

Ever been staying in a tent in the woods, and you hear a sound in the bushes? You pull your sleeping bag over your head and hold your breath, hoping it’s not a bear or a cougar? With a loyal Presa Canario at your side, even the meanest grizzly will be scared of your dogs loud barks. No seriously you can go back to sleep and dream of bacon because your protector has you covered.

The Joys of having a Presa Canario family member

The Presa Canario is a large canary mastiff from the Canary Islands in Spain. This large breed is quickly adapted to a loving family life and strives to please the owners. We have been lucky to own several in our life, and can easily say they are the best dog we’ve ever owned by far. Our two Presa Canario females do excellent in the house along with our cat and our children. It’s very easy to leave the kids alone in the home knowing that there is an extra layer of protection regarding them at all times.

This is a large breed and needs to be treated and respected as such. You need to incorporate your Presa Canario into your family’s life if you want them to be a positive element in it. This includes, walking, feeding, discipline, attention and of course love. This is not a first time dog owners dog, I must stress that if you decide to go against the grain and get one as your own for the first time dog, you must have professional training from a reputable large breed trainer and be able to harness the elements you learn and adapt that to your life.

Living in the house, is pretty easy once they understand the basic commands. There is short with no undercoating and slightly course to the touch but shedding is very minimal and they generally should be combed once every week or two just to keep up on maintenance and making sure that your dog does not have anything odd that would need to be looked at. That being said, with a proper diet, lifestyle, and home life, these dogs are very low-maintenance and rarely need to go to the vet. Your breeder should generally give you an outline of what the dog will continue to need in order to thrive, this includes the previous shots, and letting you identify which shots are needed for future reference.

We get a lot of questions on the temperament of the Perro de Presa Canario, and we always answer the same, “it depends on the training”. Simply meaning the training is everything on the outcome of the dog. We can’t go into training aspects as a whole because it is a liability for us, but for our puppy buyers we specifically give them a general layout of what to expect, and what they should do. This breed is extremely smart and stubborn but also loving and overprotective of the family.

When Nina, our first imported Presa Canario was a puppy around the age of eight months was home with my wife, when we got a random oddball come to the house in the morning and was “greeted” by Nina when he came to the door. He quickly turned around and mumbled a few things himself and walked off. Mind you should just have to weight and size that she is now at the time.

With the ears cropped they look even more formidable and intimidating. If you have ever seen one in person which is just a little upset at you, then you will understand that you would have to be very insane to want to continue in your house or over your gate when you have a Presa Canario. For this reason alone you should have yours trained for obedience and protection. This way your dog knows when to bite, and most importantly know when to not bite. As you don’t want a dog judging for themselves if it is or is not a good reason. Let me be clear that I’m not promoting any type of aggressive dogs.

Overall the Presa Canario is easily one of the best dogs out there. If you are willing to put in the time and energy into one, I can almost guarantee a 10 time return on investment with a canine that is not only extremely intelligent but also willing to please, give you undivided attention and love you and the entire family all the same. I hope some of this info possibly hope to into figuring out whether this is the right type of dog for you or not. If it is then good luck to you be up to the challenge with a loving heart and enjoy your new companion!


Another amazing interview by the king Zeke at Bully Bad Ass TV! If you have not checked out his channel please do so as his videos are the real deal, no fluff, no nonsense information on whatever dog breed he decides to produce a video for. There is so much misinformation on the internet now a days, as it seems anyone with a keyboard can automatically be an expert in their field simply by writing a comment. The truth can be found easily through BBATV!

As we explain to our puppy buyers, these dogs are completely what you make of them! If you are looking for a social, playful with anyone dog, you must work for it. Same goes for protection training. You cannot expect them to protect the house and know what to do if an intruder attempts to breech the property or try and cause harm to the family. Working with over 20 large protection dogs, strictly for police and estate guardian training, I can assure you that there is no dog that is born to know their job. These dogs have been disciplined in the art of obedience and protection training by professionals, and thus why our puppy contract specifies that you must have professional training for any puppy that comes from our “kennel”