We are often asked  “What’s the best home guardian defense Presa Canario? Is it a Male or Female?”

Truth be told, your ultimate line of defense is one that you can keep your eye on and by your side so strangers cannot come up with their own plans to enter or steal them. With enough understanding, very good trainers can bypass almost any dog with enough time without their human present. The training related to your living situation or current environment is key to success so your Presa Canario understands what to expect from a possible intruder.

A real life story that has happened which would help surmise the problem: We personally know a set of male Cane Corso dogs that have been trained formally for protection work, that were outside left unattended at night to guard the yard as usual. This was a typical night in the dog’s life and they are free to patrol the yard without any restraint.

In the middle of the night a criminal decided to cut the fence, and attempt to lure them into his truck with a female in heat. The scent of the female was enough for the two trained male to lose sight of their objective, and allow the cutting of the fence.

When the now loose Cane Corso’s were snapping out of their trance they decided to ignore the female in heat, and now go after the perpetrator. The man luckily escapes with his female dog in his truck, and now the Corso’s are on the loose.

Morticia has the perfect balance of extremely loving to her family and to keep strangers at bay

Finding their way into random neighborhood they were confused and becoming distressed when a friendly man decided it was a great find, and to invite them into his enclosed gate when again the Corso’s became angry. Scaring the man into his own home where he called the local authorities.

By this time the Cane Corso’s owner understood what happened by looking at his CCTV footage and realizing the break in.  Hours later after finally recovering his dogs that were almost stolen, he gets slapped with a fine for having the “loose dogs”, and summoned to court where he was requested by the court to have them neutered to ensure they aren’t a harm. This is utterly ridiculous in itself as the spaying or neutering will just marginally affect their aggression.

Stare hard enough and Morticia may just come after you

This vice, is a true issue for all male dogs in any guardian category. To what degree your personal, military or company guardian has this desire is always to be determined. Training with the pheromones present can help curb the desire ever so slightly. But this is not recommended as this can stress them too far by mentally pushing them in two different directions entirely.

Generally, female Presa Canario guardians in heat will not be distracted by an unfamiliar male dog. The roles are not automatically reversed and in reality, many female guardians will only allow the male she “likes” to breed with her. This may not be as general for Presa Canario as this is for our bloodline in particular. We have witnessed our females not agreeing to the male and then fighting or scaring the male into submission. Hence why the “playdates” for our upcoming pairs in natural breeding are essential to their future.


Odell Beckham Jr. and his Presa Canario Dogs