All new Presa Canario puppy owners should understand that their puppy and or adult dog will need to have available chew toys. Providing that positive source consistently will keep them from taking permission on other things not desired to chew on.

Spread out the toys and snacks so they do not get bored quickly, and of course watch them overall until you’re certain they wont chew undesired items.

Kong XTRA Large Toy Balls

Kong XTRA Large Toy Balls are a fantastic and our first line of defense with keeping our Presa Canario puppies and adults happy. Through the 7 of these balls we have owned over the last few years we can report that none have been ripped open by our dogs massive jaws. Now the sun is a different story, if you decide to keep them in the sun day in and out, it will mess up the shine, and eventually shrink and lob side the ball. Keep this in mind to keep them away from the direct sun when your dogs get bored of them, then switch them out to keep them happy!


Kong Extreme Dog Toy

This rugged toy is unbreakable and can even be stuffed with snacks. Although we never combined them with a internal snack, we can report that they are remarkably tough and an excellent deal for the cost. May as well stock up on a few of these as they will cost much less than a single pair of new shoes if they get chewed through! The downside is honestly, without the snack, they get boring pretty easily and will need to be paired with something else to keep them interested for long periods of time.


Natural Pig Ears

These are going to close first to your dogs favorite edible chew toy. The natural pig ear is hard enough to give them a tough time getting through it, plus the added factor of cleaning their teeth from all the light abrasion. Good enough to get in all the nooks and cranny’s of their mouth, and of course the delicious natural flavor. This is fantastic for all age groups of Presa Canario which gives them a great mouth workout and should at least temporarily satisfy the daily need for a good chew. Having one of these a day for your pup or adult presa is going to be a lifesaver!


Natural Cow Ears with Gravy Flavor

Fantastic for the mouth, head development and teeth, these natural cow ears will do the trick when it comes to satisfying your dog or puppies need to constantly chew. The perro de presa canario has a massive jaw and head that needs muscle and strengthening development. You want to help this process in the most natural way possible, and is why we generally give one of these per dog a day.

Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Rich in antioxidants and a fantastic treat overall to provide some diversity, the sweet potato dog treats are a nice daily snack. Be aware is they will quickly run through them without hesitation, so stock up! This is also a fantastic puppy treat as its soft enough, but firm enough to not damage the puppy teeth they may need for a little while.


Natural Cod Skin Crunchy Bites

Have a picky Presa Canario and want to stir up their appetite ALWAYS? Well for the most part they really all do love the fishy taste of the cod skin treats. Be forewarned that you may want to give them this treat outside of your home since the smell of them eating it may not make you very happy. This is also a great snack to clean teeth and keep the dentist away. Use sparingly in combination with other snacks and keep sealed for freshness.



Capelin Whole Fish Dog Treat

The ultimate nutritional hit of Omega3 for your Presa Canario dog coat is here. Simply by feeling how coarse the hair on your presa canario is will tell you if they are getting the nutrition they need from their daily diet. One of these fish weekly among other healthy supplements will keep your puppy and adult presa canario where you want them, strong and robust! Definitely feed it to them outside unless you wish to have your house smelling like a fishing boat.


Salmon Training Treats

Freeze dried for an amazing taste, these niblets are a perfect size to help with motivation training on your perro de presa canario puppy. Use sparingly and lightly in order to not continuously have your pup seeking a snack for a reward. Stubborn pups will also be easier to influence with the high smell and vibrant taste of these Alaskan sockeye salmon bites. As always, with all fish snacks, we highly recommend feeding outside.



Benebone Artificial Dog Bone

All Perro de Presa Canario puppies are “chewy” for the first year of their lives and need proper chew toys in order to keep out of the things they shouldn’t. The problem is that many companies supply third rate products not good for their diet and even worse for their teeth! This is a 100 real food ingredient hard chew that will satisfy your presa puppies consistent need to chew. This is great for their skull structure and will make sure they obtain a wide head, strong jaw muscles and clean teeth. This is listed as number one because they will not deny this chew, ever!

Natural Pig Hooves

These all natural pig hooves are a good snack for your presa canario and will last from 1 to 5 hours each depending on the size of your dog. There is no residual pieces left everywhere which is an added bonus if being used indoors. Being a long lasting & heavy duty chew toy and with a natural flavor, this will hold the interest of your Presa Canario for a decent amount of time. This is also a perfect indoor hard chew as it realigns their mind to understand what to, and what not to chew on. Take precautions with shards that are created, and toss those immediately.

Natural Freeze Dried Duck Hearts

A complete single protein snack for your on the go dog. These are a great meal replacement for the isolated hike or camping preparation. Your presa canario will never turn down these snacks and can even help motivate eating habits if the desires are low. These are natural freeze dried so there is no need to worry about refrigeration or being spoiled. Grab a few of these for your next outing experience with your four legged companion, and don’t forget extra water.