Reserve a Presa Canario puppy from SocalPresa Tyson and SocalPresa Tsavo!

  • Litter expected June 18th 2018 and available for reserve now
  • Brindle & Reverse Brindle of both genders are available, and picking is in order of deposits.
  • You can reserve a puppy by clicking this link, or visiting the Presa Canario Puppy Reserve link above.

We strive to keep the authentic Presa Canario genes with; extremely low health issues, perfect conformity, large and proper proportion, & zero crossbreeding in order to breed the highest Perro de Presa Canario puppy possible.
All our puppies are contracted only to good families, and have a guarantee on their health.
Military, Law Enforcement, Health, & Fire Dept. Discounts are available for applicable clients.

Stud: SocalPresa Tyson | Height: 28″ Withers | Weight: 151lbs. | Color: Black Brindle
SocalPresa Tyson is our standard for the Perro de presa canario male, and has proven to be an overall incredible specimen both physically and mentally. Tysons gate is menacing, light on his feet and reminiscent of a panther with color and movement. His frame is both the perfect balance of width and height and retains the breed standard in respect to conformity. The ultimate family guardian can easily be found in regards to Tyson.

Dam: SocalPresa Tsavo | Height: 26.5″ Withers | Weight: 119lbs. | Color: Reverse Brindle
SocalPresa Tsavo is the ideal female working presa canario. This girl has a high prey drive and is a full & fantastic family protector. As with our other retired females, she stands at the optimal 26.5 inches at the withers which is a slight .5 inches taller than our other famous female presa canario’s. Tsavo will produce stunning puppies which will contain the black brindle & reverse brindle XXL version of the presa canario line we breed.