Stud: SoCalPresa “Toro” Beltza Goku | Height: 28″ Withers | Weight: 151 lbs. | Color: Black Brindle

Toro Beltza Goku is a strong, athletic, high-energy male Presa with a sleek black coat. He’s highly intelligent and a fearless loyal companion with a playful streak, particularly after dinner time.

Mr. Toro is an amazing specimen is a production from Maduro x Negra and has retained all of his father’s looks! Adorned with a jet-black coat with excellent conformation. This handsome  Presa Canario is pictured here at almost 17 months of age and 150lbs. As expected, Toro can be an absolute brute and will show you his power “like a bull” instantly with impeccable grace. An attentive presa canario stud to his family with a loyal demeanor. The sheer presence of Toro on a walk is enough to ward off any unsound minded person. The slightly upgraded version of his father Maduro can be found with Toro through his fearless personality. This stud never ceases to amaze everyone around him on a daily basis.