Puppy Health and UKC Paperwork Contract

This contract is to protect the integrity of our business, as well as the welfare of our loved puppies.
A copy of your contract with your UKC registration papers will be mailed out 24 hours after completion.
All puppies are sold with full UKC registration papers, and a one year guarantee against any puppy with any critical failure directly from their heredity .

In the rare case of a critical heredity failure, the breeder (SoCalPresa) must be presented with a certified letter from a licensed veterinarian within 30 days of discovery. Various conditions could come along with severe pain, in order to be humane would lead to euthanization. A puppy will then be provided to the buyer, as soon as one becomes available. All shipping costs are the responsibility of the owner and not of SoCalPresa. By signing this contract below, both parties agree to the conditions set forth below

In order for this contract to be valid, the following conditions must be met and new owner agrees that:

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