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Taz x Negra Presa Canario Puppies

September 1, 2021
  • Taz x Negra Presa Canario Puppy Litter II
  • Total price is $5000.00 for either gender or color.
  • $1000.00 deposit is required to reserve a Presa Canario puppy.
  • Puppies born on October 8th!
  • Obedience & Protection Training will be implemented.
  • Ears will be cropped.
  • Puppies will be ready at 11 weeks of age.
  • Balance is due upon puppy pickup, or 3 weeks before scheduled airline departure.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Description

This is the second production of our love SoCalPresa Taz & Negra. All previous puppies from Negra’s previous litter have been astonishing and produced large, hardened presa canario puppies based on the solidified traits of our bloodline.

Taz is a loyal and loving perro de presa canario. A stable and courageous stud that will guard his family at all costs.
Negra is a high drive, working line predator. Her eyes show her furious nature clearly, and is understood by anyone who crosses her path.

Our specimens have been utilized in a variety of environments including; family guardians, emotional service dogs, hunting companions, livestock protection, estate guardians and more! The mental aptitude of our previous litters with Bane is stable, sound, and the full velocity of the true Perro de Presa Canario. Both parents live their lives as family guardians and enjoy the company of their humans consistently.

Our preferred client, is a family that will enjoy spending hours bonding and raising their puppy alongside them. This, along with our professional training advise, will guarantee this will be the best dog you will own.

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Additional Information

Puppy Gender

Male, Female

Puppy Color

Fawn, Black Brindle

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