Another amazing interview by the king Zeke at Bully Bad Ass TV! If you have not checked out his channel please do so as his videos are the real deal, no fluff, no nonsense information on whatever dog breed he decides to produce a video for. There is so much misinformation on the internet now a days, as it seems anyone with a keyboard can automatically be an expert in their field simply by writing a comment. The truth can be found easily through BBATV!

As we explain to our puppy buyers, these dogs are completely what you make of them! If you are looking for a social, playful with anyone dog, you must work for it. Same goes for protection training. You cannot expect them to protect the house and know what to do if an intruder attempts to breech the property or try and cause harm to the family. Working with over 20 large protection dogs, strictly for police and estate guardian training, I can assure you that there is no dog that is born to know their job. These dogs have been disciplined in the art of obedience and protection training by professionals, and thus why our puppy contract specifies that you must have professional training for any puppy that comes from our “kennel”