Presa Canario puppy development is a beautiful and unique process to watch. In their initial stages of life between the birth and the time before their eyes open (around day 14) they are very fragile. Unable to shiver and regulate their own body temperatures, they rely on instinct to notice the sounds and smell of their nearby mother to crawl for nurturing and sustainability. This is an amazing thing to witness when they are all raised comfortably in a human domicile. We would watch each and every time the mother would come back into her room of the house where the whelping area was located. She will hover over her babies, take note of their status, then carefully make her way in to rest next to them. Inadvertently her smell takes over the newborn puppy senses and quickly each will awaken and attempt to seek out their mother completely blinded temporarily. This is the time we pay attention the most as she can accidentally smother them or ignore the ones that need more attention to thrive.

The upcoming 3 to 5 weeks are the sweetest times by far. Presa Canario puppies at this age are loving and not competitive of each other. The play fighting is adorable, their love bites are tolerable, and their petite size and playful personalities are second to none. This is the time you can lay in the clean whelping area and try to withstand the random attempts the puppies will make to chomp you to bits. We start exposing them to the outdoors around the 4-week mark as long as the weather permits. This allows them to start their exposure to the new world full of real noises and experiences early. For their life indoors, we have given them an array of virtual sounds to listen to while they live in comfort and warmth. Exposure to these noises and our loving hands creates a bond with us that is further passed on to their future families. Their time outdoors is always closely monitored, as if they get spooked over a situation, it’s best for us to be there.

Personalities start to shine even further in the 6-to-11-week mark by nature and nurture. We have done our best up to this point to create a sound mind full of character in each and every puppy in the litter. There will be alphas in the group which will be apparent as they will be the first one to lead into actions that the rest of the pack will follow. This is irreverent to the fierce overall personality of the Presa Canario puppies which absolutely will clash, despite the personality type being alpha, beta, or omega.

The ferocious capability of even the smallest of the pack, can send the largest running for their lives. We have to take extra caution to not let any negative behavior take hold as it can damage the confidence of the other pack members. All of our puppies are treated and trained evenly in order to have the closest outcome as a properly raised Presa Canario adult. Our training at this point has been elevated in increments to the point that they are house trained and will urinate and defecate on command. Protection roles have been given to the pack which they would have executed at least twice a day.

As a team, they will deal with new challenges and encourage each other through the amount of fun they are having. Bite training is done professionally and all done through love, trust and understanding with the Presa Canario puppy, it’s being taught as well. The puppy will know to identify the target, bite and release on the first command. Obedience training has been given daily several times which can be exhausting as there can be quite a few puppies in a single litter.

In the end all the love, training and experiences raising a true SoCalPresa Presa Canario is a labor of love. The special attention to care is reverberated through the puppy through its entire life. We love to hear the endless stories of our clients and their raising experiences of their Presa Canario puppy whenever we get the updates. The stories can keep us on the phone for over an hour with ease. Even the somewhat negative (at the time) stories can be hilarious to listen to, and will have both of us laughing for a great extent.

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