Dam: “Nahla” | Height: 25″ Withers | Weight: 119 lbs. | Color: Reverse Brindle

Shown here about three weeks from giving birth. Nahla is dynamic, vocal, protective, loyal, and if I had to sum it all up in one word it wound be Magnificent. She at her best when she is protecting and loving her family. She can be as mighty as a lion, but still gentle as a blue bird. Nahla has a pet cat that she is just enamored with. It’s hilarious to watch her try and play with the cat given there is a 110 pound size difference and the cat couldn’t be less amused. As ferocious as Nahla may appear, she is actually the most sensitive out our pack to the families needs. She is extremely intuitive and wants nothing more to please her mom and dad. Her feelings get hurt very easily and she gives the Eeyore ears, and looks down if we express the slightest disappointment. Nahla is an amazing archetype of what we consider important traits in a Presa. Solid, beautiful, stable, loving, loyal, and protective.