Stud: Maduro | Height: 27″ Withers | Weight: TBA | Color: Black (brindle)

Maduro is a loving and caring Presa Canario to his family with a loyal heart. A solid formation of all the desired physical and mental traits through and through. This stud is an total monster with complete respect for his owner. Featuring an all solid black coat with the retention of the original Presa Canario white chest, and full physical conformation. Spending the daytime and poolside with his family, and as night progresses, turns more and more into the guardian. A pleasant personality with the heart of gold to his loved ones, with the elegant looks of a black panther. Maduro’s Russian father gave him plenty of удача (good fortune) which plays out in his mentality consistently. Clean minded and without bother, he can be walked and then approached by animals of all sizes. An excellent disposition with an impeccable physique, Maduro is a highly desired Perro de Presa Canario stud.

Forever family by No_Mas_Dimas
Creator by Carpatcan