The raising of a Presa Canario is pretty much a full-time job if you want to get the best results. As a newborn, we have been watching their growth along with assisting them to thrive for life. This is an ongoing parental position to create the best puppy mentally possible. We take the time in all hours of the day and night to make sure they have full confidence when they have fear or discomfort. Our clients then take the information of raising our Presa Canario puppy in the best of ways to implement into their own lives and schedule’s. An important factor to consider as the presa canario does require much more attention in their initial two years of life than general dogs of this size.

The videos cover SoCalPresa Luzifer, AKA Luz, at a few months old, then again at 16 months of age around 150lbs. The socialization of the young presa puppy Luz was a highly desired trait for the family, and thus his training started immediately. They would take him everywhere they would visit and allow him to understand the calm position he needed to operate in. The particular city he is raised in, would fear and dread a dog of his eventual size if not properly mannered. Knowing this, they introduced him to great people and animals of the community so he would be balanced mentally. At home, he would retain the general guarding nature of the presa canario regardless of the sweet training. Their protective intuition is embedded into the core of each and everyone of our puppies, and will display at various times in their lives.

This particular day shows SoCalPresa Luzifer at 16 months of age and around 150lbs. He starts off walking with his loving family to the Brentwood Farmers Market and being spectated from the streets. At the market, his demeanor stays calm and inviting to all guests and their mostly untrained dogs. This persists to the next spot where Luz gets to have some bacon washed down with a drink or two of some fresh beer. Plenty of eyes and friends to meet along the way before stopping off at the beach, where Luz gets crept up on by a rodent looking dog that took him by surprise. We ended the video at that point but the day still continued on to the Venice Beach boardwalk where Luz and the family took some time to casually eat lunch, while again he became the center of the show.

How did they achieve such success with Luz? By properly spending countless hours with him training properly and exposing him properly to their life. All families will create a different personality in their presa canario simply by allowing their puppy to live with them in the house. This makes the strongest bond possible as your puppy will follow you through the entire house to figure out your routine and theirs. The protection value they will offer when living with them is second to none and you will feel safe at all times. A daily training program should be considered an essential part in the presa canario puppy raising.

A true testament on how a proper perro de presa canario bloodline, coupled with a loving family and good training will equal perfection. Did you enjoy the story and videos of Luz? Please comment below!