Presa Canario Puppy Flight 1 LAX to SJU:

We have the privilege to directly fly our Presa Canario puppies to our loving clients. Flying puppies in cabin with us on the airplane is a much less invasive process for the puppy as they never leave our side.  As we enter the airport and figure the time, we will need to board the craft, our puppy is attached to us in their pet carrier. Before the flight we will make sure the puppy has relieved themselves in the pet restroom area. Luckily for us and the puppy, they have been trained previously to use the restroom on command. This makes the time we spend in the puppy restroom area very efficient and not a frustrating issue. Some of the flights can be 7 hours or longer and we do not want to have a puppy with a tummy ache at 35,000 feet in the air.

An interesting flight with SoCalPresa Kong was a 14-hour two flight trip from Los Angeles to Puerto Rico. Our impeccable training and close bond made the flight relatively easy for us and our puppy. Kong could feel our positive affirmations and never made any sounds or movement of discontent. His patience for the flight and through the airports was impeccable.  We are often surprised how our consistent training day and night  plays such a big part on the trip. The endless nights of the puppies waking up, needing to use the restroom, and us sending them out with a command to relieve themselves, is instantly paying off.

The long trip was even more exciting when our client got to meet his puppy. Kong was not going to automatically bond with this stranger to him, so we had to coax him and his new dad to understand this. We decided to move about the city of San Juan in order to acclimate Kong to his new location and family. Quickly we could notice that Kong was absorbing the island and his family to his great enjoyment. The Presa Canario puppy will show his true colors in a foreign area. You will notice their demeanor change by their tail position and general movement in any case. A positive attitude should be rewarded by calmly petting the body, along with a relaxing and confident voice.

A presa canario that is not confident should be thought of as a scared child in a psychological manner. We want to speak to them confidently, comforting them forward, and immediately rewarding them as they progress with high excitement through your touch and voice. These are the building blocks of Kong and his presa canario siblings from the start.

Presa Canario Puppy Flight 2 LAX to JFK:

A male presa canario puppy “Tank”, from Taz & Negra was scheduled to fly to his family 2 weeks before Christmas. Our training has stayed relatively the same with this litter, allowing us to have another flawless delivery. Tank was delivered around the 11-week age, so he was enormous, and barely met the restrictions of size, for the carry-on pet. If he was any larger, we would have needed to pay for an entire seat for his journey as he would not be able to lay prone in his pet carrier. His experience going through the airport was pleasant. As his head was sticking out of the pet carrier, he was seen with smiling and adoring faces by fellow travelers.

The day was started in the normal form, minus Mr. Tank eating breakfast. They are prone to motion sickness so having a full stomach would not be a favorable thing for him in the end. He would rather miss one out of two meals of the day, then to hack up several times along the way. We utilized the pet restroom at both LAX and in JFK before and after the flights. They can hold their bladder for a decent amount of time at this age as long as its not upsetting or the puppy isn’t stressed.

Boarding the plane and taking our seats wasn’t a hassle with Tank. The takeoff and landing are always alarming, and we are sure to speak calmly to him so he is comforted and not in distress. Directly after our deboarding and now in NYC, we allowed Tank to use the restroom and stretch his legs for half an hour before hand delivering him over to his adoring family. Just as Kong was followed by his family from birth to the current age, the same would be said for the family of Tank. We love our presa canario puppies, and seeing our clients turn to mush when they behold their very own SoCalPresa, is indescribably heartwarming.