The comprehensive scope and ethical foundation of SoCalPresa’s breeding program sets it apart as a pinnacle of quality and integrity in the world of Presa Canario breeding. Our commitment starts with the meticulous selection of our breeding pairs, ensuring that they not only meet but exceed stringent health and trait certifications. The pedigree of our bloodline traces back to the original Perro de Presa Canario, offering a pure and authentic lineage that many other breeders can’t claim. Our ‘home, not kennel’ philosophy amplifies the well-being of our dogs, providing them an environment conducive for mental and physical growth. Personalized consultations and lifetime support stand as testaments to our long-term commitment to both our dogs and their future owners. Furthermore, our robust engagement with the broader Presa Canario community serves a dual purpose: elevating the breed’s status and educating the public on ethical breeding practices. Inviting new owners to pickup from our homes not only demonstrates our transparent operations but also allows a firsthand experience of what makes a SoCalPresa Presa Canario special. Our program doesn’t merely serve as a business but as a mission to elevate the breed while offering new owners a lifetime companion that is as authentic and well-rounded as they come. Through these multi-faceted efforts, we solidify our position as not just a breeder, but as a custodian of the Presa Canario legacy.

  1. Q: What distinguishes SoCalPresa’s breeding program from others?
    A: Our program is designed to preserve the authentic beauty, health, strength, and intelligence of the Perro de Presa Canario. We invested years in sourcing from trusted breeders and ensuring our queens and studs meet rigorous health and trait certifications. Our bloodline evolved from the original perro de presa canario.
  2. Q: How do you ensure the health and well-being of your breeding dogs and puppies?
    A: All our dogs undergo comprehensive health screenings, are certified for specific traits, and many even hold championship titles. We never crossbreed and are committed to the health and integrity of the Presa Canario.
  3. Q: Can you explain your kennel-free environment?
    A: Absolutely! Our dogs and puppies are raised in the warmth of our home, not in kennels. This allows for more natural socialization, human interaction, and a loving upbringing.
  4. Q: How do you match a puppy with a new owner?
    A: We offer personalized consultations to find the perfect match between our Presa Canario puppies and their future owners, focusing on lifestyle compatibility and long-term happiness for both.
  5. Q: What type of support can new owners expect from SoCalPresa?
    A: New owners receive ongoing support that includes training resources, nutritional guidance, and a direct line for any questions or concerns. We are committed to the lifelong well-being of every dog we place.
  6. Q: What sets your litters apart?
    A: Our litters are born and raised in our home environment, where they enjoy free roaming in our backyard and constant human interaction. This enriches their social skills and natural traits, making them well-rounded companions.
  7. Q: How do you ensure your breeding practices meet ethical standards?
    A: We adhere to rigorous ethical standards set by reputable breeding organizations, and our operations are open for review. Transparency and ethical compliance are at the core of our breeding program.
  8. Q: How do you contribute to the broader Presa Canario community?A: We actively engage with the community and collaborate with reputable breeders and experts. We also provide educational content to raise awareness about the importance of ethical breeding and proper care for the Presa Canario.
  9. Q: Can potential owners visit your facilities?
    A: We do not allow potential owners to visit. This protects the puppies from unnecessary exposure to possible viruses such as parvovirus and distemper. Even though they receive vaccines, the land will be exposed and the current and future litters can be compromised. This also protects our homes from unscupulous people that may have alternative motives besides purchasing a presa canario puppy. Existing reservations are always allowed to pickup their puppy directly from our home. This allows them to observe our ethical and transparent practices and interact with our adult Presa Canarios and available puppies.
  10. Q: What makes SoCalPresa a responsible choice for prospective Presa Canario owners?
    A: Our dedication to ethical breeding, personal consultations, and comprehensive owner support makes us a trustworthy and responsible choice. We aren’t a puppy mill; we’re passionate about maintaining the purity and grandeur of the Presa Canario breed.