Presa Canario Dog: Is it good with kids?

The Presa Canario dog does have a very imposing stature and many people want to have it as a pet. But you do have to wonder, how does the Presa Canario breed behave around kids? Is it good or not?

The Perro de Presa Canario is a catch dog, which means that they were bred, trained as well as kept in order to catch animals a lot larger than them. This particular breed is also known for being a hunting companion plus a life stock and family protector. They were also used for a dog used for driving hogs and cattle and running off and killing off strange dogs.


Most of the time the desired temperament of the Presa Canario is docile and affectionate but as you can expect they can also be very territorial. This makes them wary to strangers most of the time and they are almost always very aggressive with the other dogs it encounters. If you want to train him right, make sure that you bring a confident leadership and practice or train him often. You should also consider an early socialization if you want to maintain the dog under control. If you don’t, you may have an aggressive dog you cannot really deal with physically. That being said they can be extremely loving, obedient and a perfect companion if trained and loved correctly.

How well does it bond with kids?

This will depend on the lifestyle of the Presa Canario. These particular dogs we noticed have a very strong bond with the owners if they are indoors with them when they are sleeping or at home. Do you show your kids how to train the Presa Canario? Do you show them what to or not to do with them? The “master handler” and Alpha figure of the household should be addressing these issues on agreeing on commands as well as brief and multi daily training sessions with your dog. Yes multi sessions per day when they are young! Why would you devote your time and effort into a Presa Canario? Well…

The Perro de Presa Canario is an amazing beast and with daily bonding and training, you can have your young loved ones in the house being protected at all times. We know of several owners who’s kids walk their dogs with full command, and no issues what so ever. Moral of the story is, would you rather have a 150lb. Presa Canario that knows nothing, or one that knows over a dozen commands?

  –Not trained/Not bonded with family; Some of the Presa Canario dogs can be aggressive towards all kids including yours, and the interaction between them and a child can lead to bruises at minimum. However, most Presa Canario specimens tend to bond strongly with the family and they will actually display kindness and protection in front of your kids. Overall your family should bond with your Presa Canario if you have the chance to own one. If yours is stored in a cage, don’t expect the bond, caring, or any value from them. Keep in mind that these a very large dogs though so in case your child does upset them, they will react fast and not in a good way.

Owning a Presa Canario is amazing if you want to have a loyal dog around your child but you do need to keep an eye on the dog as much as you can in the first few months of training. It will be a challenge at first, but if you manage and train the dog properly he can be a loving pet. If you do that the Presa Canario will actually be very protective towards your child and honestly it can be a very good thing. Keep in mind though that he might not cope well with kids that are visiting your family as they may not be seen as part of the pack.

Should you get a Presa Canario if you have kids?


Integrate your Presa Canario into your family life, and the payout is astronomical!

What Should I Feed My Presa Canario?

In this article, we take a look at some of the available food options for feeding a Perro de Presa Canario dog.

Although a lot of people think it’s okay to feed dogs a wide variety of foods, which often results in letting them finish your unfinished meals, when it comes to the health and diet of a dog this is a huge nope. With this in mind, today we are going to take a look at some of the best meals to provide a Presa Canario dog with in order to make sure that they are fulfilling their nutritional values and retaining a healthy diet which supports their health and life longevity.

Fruit and Vegetables
Feeding a dog fruit and vegetables is sort of a “hit or miss” as not every Presa will eat fruit or vegetables. A simple trial and error experiment will help you find out what kinds of fruits or vegetables your dog likes. Dogs need all the nutrition that they can get and fruit is a fantastic way to give a healthy snack. My advice regarding feeding your dog fruits and vegetables is to not only conduct some specific research regarding your dog and their health standards, but follow through with the trial and error as we described above. Make sure you always check online to make sure what you are attempting to feed them does not have a negative value for them.

While there are some fruits that dogs should undoubtedly not eat, there are a few ways to work around this. For example, while dogs should not eat tomatoes, the reason for this is due to the steam containing a toxic substance which is known as “solanine”. This substance can be very harmful if a dog were to consume a large volume of it. While this is the case, you can simply remove the green stem from the tomato and cut it out from the inside in doing so.

There are several fruits and vegetables where the same logistics apply. If you’re willing to put in an extra few minutes each day when feeding your dog, you can easily provide them with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables to keep them healthy.

Raw Meat
While feeding a dog raw meat may seem obscure and unhealthy, you must remember that dogs aren’t the same as humans and their bodies will react differently to different foods. Raw meat is a great substitute for your standard can of dog food as it provides your Presa Canario with a lot of protein and on top of that, it is a lot healthier than dog food for a dog. From a dog owner’s perspective, one of the best things about feeding a dog raw meat as opposed to dog food is the fact that it has a positive impact on a dog’s bowels. Thus, no more upset stomachs or messes left around your home.

From a medical standpoint, raw meat can significantly decrease the chance of a Presa Canario from suffering from cancer, liver or kidney problems, and several other medical conditions. Ultimately, this is due to the fact that your standard dog food contains a lot of processed meats. As we know, processed meat is bad for humans and similarly, it is bad for dogs.

The bottom line is that raw meat is by far the superior option over standard dog food when it comes to feeding your Presa Canario.

To Conclude…
There are lots of high and low quality foods on the shelves for your Presa Canario. At minimum, you should read whats on the back for the nutritional value and compare with several other bags varying in price range in that store. If you give them a higher end food, you should have to supplement less according to it. There is


  • Using raw coconut oil in the Presa Canario’s diet is an excellent supplement. It has antioxidants, higher saturated fat, antimicrobial ingredients and literally over a dozen health benefits for the dogs.
  • Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade) which is a natural bug killer you can apply to the food and moisten through until there is no more powder. A bag lasting over a year is extremely inexpensive and would treat your Presa Canario for worms, and a host of other bad bugs.
  • Raw eggs are a cheap source of extra protein for your Presa Canario. Remember body builders of the 80’s doing it?
  • Raw meat..  You can still give them some here and there without the worry you will be upsetting their stomach.
  • Tuna – Mixing it in with your dogs dry food should give them a happy appetite with a nice nutrient and protein boost.
  • Bacon grease (nitrate free) – Take it easy on this one, yes it is good for your dog, and yes you can also overdue it negatively. Use proper judgement and mix a sizeable about of warm bacon grease into the dogs dry food and mix it up.Each Presa Canario will have different requirements depending on their location, living conditions, job duties and life.

    Judge appropriately and purchase accordingly.