Presa Canario Bloodline

SoCalPresa Negra La Pantera – Black Brindle Presa Canario Female

Dam: SocalPresa Negra | Height: TBD. Withers | Weight: TBD. | Color: Black Brindle

SoCalPresa Negra is a black brindle Presa Canario that has the perfect show coat and is easily a show stopper. This girl retains all the original qualities of a Perro de Presa Canario and eliminating traits that are undesired which are visually apparent. She has the classic Presa Canario face, structure but with a flawless coat and XXL size. She enjoys going for long walks and runs with her mom. She is very active and loves playing fetch with her family in her leisure time. She is currently in the protection training program which will ultimately teach her how to protect her family. She is considered a spunky monkey in our eyes and is always active around the yard. She loves going through drive-thrus with her mom and enjoys puppuccinos.

2 Comments on SoCalPresa Negra La Pantera – Black Brindle Presa Canario Female

  • James Gunther says:
    June 5, 2019 at 1:32 AM

    Hi goodmorning, are you guys going to breed Negra and Bane?
    If you do, I would be willing to pay extra for first pick. Them two would be a great match!


    • Socal Presa Canario says:
      June 6, 2019 at 5:36 PM

      That will not be a future pair as they are related to each other unfortunately. You do have a great eye for your dogs though as that would be a great combo! On our reserves we only allow pre-ordering through our website and picks are always in order of their deposit time.


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