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SoCalPresa Upcoming Litters

Bane X Hash
Bane X Tsavo

Presa Canario Puppy Cost?
*Puppies are all $3000.00 in which deposits are $500.00
*Balance is $2500.00 before pickup or shipping to your nearest location
*Flight costs IF required, are $450.00 to your nearest international airport

Follow the instructions to reserve your SoCalPresa Puppy.
*Step One: Fill the puppy reserve form according
*Step Two: Complete the reserve via PayPal
*Note: Zelle and CashApp options are available.

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We are taking reserves for two upcoming litters, one being on the way! Bane & Hash puppies are coming first and will be here soon. Tsavo is late for heat, but expecting to come in anytime. Please select the proper parents below along with the remaining questions.

*Note: Your puppy reserve will not be completed without the deposit.
*Current Puppy Reserve Clients: We will be contacting you soon on options!!!

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