Presa Canario Puppies for Sale in California

Presa Canario Puppies for Sale in California!

If you have been following our Instagram, then you have already seen daily pics of the puppies. Although they look alike, there is color differences that will make a pet or show markings. When you call us to reserve a puppy. Please let us know what you are looking for so we can accommodate you appropriately. Meaning if you intend to breed, this is something that needs to be brought up to us as there is price reflections on particular pups.

Feel free to contact us when your READY to purchase a puppy.
We have way too many inquiries asking for future litters, information on the breed, etc.

Pictures taken 4/15/16 @ 4 Weeks old

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    1. It’s all in the coat for us as all other qualities will be standard to high. That being said the Presa’s we breed are generally larger than the UKC and FCI standards.
      That being said these are the two qualities we look for to qualify a pup for “pet” for the most part.

      Serious fault: Mask that extends over the eyes.
      Disqualifications: Absence of dark mask, white markings covering more than 20% of the dog, coat color or pattern other than described above.

  1. Hi
    You have beautiful dogs, and the puppies are beautiful as well. I don’t see anywhere what the price for your puppies are.

    1. Not at all! For a pet its perfectly normal to not crop their ears for a non working Presa Canario. In fact, we do not crop the ears of our pups for clients although we prefer it ourselves. Hope this helps.

  2. Looking for a black brindle male. We are in Orange County and are looking for a new addition to our family. Please send pix and prices for the available ones thank you in advance.

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