Stud: SocalPresa El Monstro Bane | Height: 28″ Withers Weight: 166.2 | Color: Black Brindle

Bane is one of our upcoming male Presa Canario studs. We will determine over time if he has the high qualities we expect from all of our bloodline family. His primary role will be the family guardian and is currently in training for obedience and protection work.

This charming face is not to be fooled with a kind one, as his current protection training will not allow to have threats near him. His overall structure is easily noticed by any onlookers and is a guaranteed head turner. Looking to get your Pepsi at the drive though filled to the top with no air? Have them get a glance at Bane and you can guarantee to have a overflowed drink spill in your car. The face of an angel can turn into the devil in an instant when a confrontation needs to be met with force. Occasionally, this puppy like to sleep on his back at night and has lucid dreams which wake up mom and dad. Overall, he keeps his family safe and happy which is required of all our Presa Canario dogs.