About Us

We are not “professional breeders” so to speak. We breed very rarely, and to increase the natural beauty, strength, and talent of the Presa Canario breed. Under no circumstances will we ever crossbreed for any reason, and have gone out of our way to source proper and trusted breeders for our backbone linage. All of our queens and studs have been tested for health, certified for traits, and hold multiple championships. There is no kennels, cages or restraints for our Presa Canario adults or puppies on our premises. Our dogs are family, and we hope that all go to genuine good homes.

Why choose us? We do not exploit these dogs for a living, and are nowhere close to a puppy mill. Our litters are delivered in our house, along with where the puppies are housed until sold. When they wake, they spend their time freely roaming our backyard with our other Presa Canario adults. They are exposed to human handling, lots of love, and are encouraged to develop natural traits. We also take many months, and top dollar to locate proper studs from reputable breeders when we do decide to breed.

We are Exclusive and Limited XXL Sized Perro de Presa Canario Breeders from Southern California. Our Puppies are UKC/FCI registered with Excellent Bloodlines and we provide a unique experience to our Presa Canario Kennel and our clients. We set the bar extremely high and are second to none in the Presa Canario World.

Your mind can be at rest to know that what you will find a true and pure breed Presa Canario companion from our breeding program.